For now, there's only a very early version of the win32 exe available.
Click Here to download it
Note: There's no loading screen, but you should wait until you see the terrain appear before moving around.
Use WASD to move, and hold right mouse button to rotate view. It also requires you to have a somewhat powerfull pc, as it renders around 90k polygons.
Update: Fixed the bugs, and now high-resolution terrain is colored blue, so you can see more clearly as how it loads.
Update2: Added another LOD, making it 3 (blue, green and yellow, blue being the highest LOD, yellow the lowest).Also added collision with terrain, now the camera cannot enter the terrain.
Update3: Added texturing based on vertex normal vector and height. Download file has been updated to the new version.
As with my other project, you might need to download the Visual Studio 2008 redistributable.