Help with the Program
Some simple insturctions on how to operate the program:
First, you can change some of the basic settings of the program in the 'settings.ini' which is in resources/config.

Editing the skeleton

To select which bone you want to edit, click on the bone. If successfully selected, it should turn light blue.
The controls for editing the skeleton are as follows:

Editing and Saving Frames

Frames (aka keyframes) are the positions the program interpolates between. This is done with four different types of motion tweening.

Playing, Loading and Saving the Animation

The animation is defined by all the frames and their properties.
Note that the animation is looping, and that the Frame properties of the last Frame are used to transition back to the Original Frame.
Note that saved animations are in the "resources/config/skeleton/animations" folder, saved under XXXX.hsaf, where XXXX is the name you chose whilst saving.
BUG: Please do not attempt to load/save animations while playing an animation! This will crash the program!

There are also music controls at the top of the program.
And finally, to exit, press Escape and select Exit Program
- Milcho Penchev